Welcome to Roses Have Thorns, the approved fanlisting for the young woman that, while kind hearted and level-headed, is not one to be messed with: Yoko Littner. I have always been very fascinated by Yoko long before I ever discovered the Gurren Lagann series. I had seen images of her around and always thought she was so cool looking; but when I finally stumbled across the anime and began to learn more about her character, I was in love. She is a wonderfully written character and is just such a badass. I can't help but adore her. With that said, if you happen to love her as much as I do (or at least are a fan in general), feel free to join! ♥

Version One of Roses Have Thorns features a render of Yoko along with various screencaps from the anime. Roses Have Thorns was designed using Clip Studio Paint Ex and coded using Notepad. Textures and patterns used in the design are from SugarRush19 and Subtle Patterns, while the font was downloaded from DaFont.
June 12, 2024 · 3 fans (+0 pending)

"He's right! We humans used to have somebody much, much bigger than us!

For his sake, we'll keep moving forward!"