Welcome to Not a Weapon, the approved fanlisting for the young girl gifted with incredibly destructive power, Eleven (Jane Hopper). From the moment I first saw Eleven, it was absolute love at first sight. She is absolutely adorable and while she possesses a gift that is both a blessing and a curse, she tries her very best to be 'human' in spite of everything that she had gone through. With that said, if you happen to love her as much as I do (or at least are a fan in general), feel free to join! ♥

Version One of Not a Weapon features screencaps of Eleven from the episodes Holly, Jolly, The Monster, and The Polywog respectively, as well as a screencap of Eleven's appearance in the Season Five promo. Not a Weapon was designed using Clip Studio Paint Ex and coded using Notepad. Textures and patterns used in the design are from phatpuppy and Subtle Patterns while the font was downloaded from DaFont.
May 26, 2024 · 13 fans (+0 pending)

"I do not belong. Anywhere."