Welcome to Perfectly Imperfect, the approved fanlisting for the superheroine and self-proclaimed leader of the Powerpuff Girls, Blossom. Blossom has always been my favorite powerpuff girl for as long as I can remember (with the fact that she also happens to be associated with my favorite color not helping much) and, in my humble opinion, is the best powerpuff. If you happen to love her as much as I do (or at least are a fan in general), feel free to join! ♥

Version One of Perfectly Imperfect features both official art of Blossom as well as screencaps from the 2016 reboot of the series. Perfectly Imperfect was designed using Clip Studio Paint Ex and coded using Notepad. Textures used in the design are from WeGraphics while the font was downloaded from DaFont.
November 10, 2023 · 6 fans (+0 pending)

"I'm the leader, there's always a plan B!"